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In the era of online and distant education, reading and learning the Quran has become more feasible. There are many Quran Academies working online but livequranschool.com is offering its services for readers who are passionate about learning Quran in a beautiful accent. We possess qualified Quran teachers in our staff and all this increases the trust of reader in us. We have slaked the thirst of a number of Quran reading lovers throughout the world especially in United States of America and United Kingdom. We provide Quran online classes without the difference of gender, sect, and cast. For all those females who prefer to learn Quran from females we have good news for them as we offer qualified female Quran instructors for them. We offer translation of Quran in English and Arabic. We take pride of offering the most professional services for passionate Quran readers. We do not take it as a business but we charge a petty amount to continue our online system. This makes us torch bearer for all those Quran readers who needs complete guidance and assistance of reading the Quran from the Quran school which is not for profit. By choosing us you are at the right place and with the right people.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Through many years of service we have met a number of students who know to read the Quran but in a formal accent. All this is quite absurd and impractical as we see from our expert’s eye. So, keeping in view of such issues we have arranged male and female instructors to properly teach and guide students with tajweed. The livequranschool.com has made convenient for all its students to learn Quran online with tajweed. We provide tajweed classes online at the time meaningful to you because we care about your love and passion to Learn Quran correctly, hence you can trust our service to be our next student.

About Live Quran School

According to Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) “Amongst you the best are those who learn and teach Quran”. Keep in view of this beautiful saying of Holly Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Live Quran School provides the top notched Quran learning services globally to people who need to learn the Quran correctly with tajweed and translation. We provide our services at a very economical rate to run the services else it is almost a nonprofit Quran learning online system. We care about your money and offer you the professional Quran learning education at your door step. We have qualified staff from universities and other religious schools in religious education therefore you can trust our world class services to be state of the art in all the aspects. We provide learning and translation of Quran in English and Arabic. Our services are second to none and we have a range of Quran readers who have been our students. So, feel free to contact us to teach you the best of all books.

Class Sessions

Online Quran classes at Live Quran School are given in the form of One-on- One format for all of our students to provide full individual attention to all students.

Interactive Classes

By using the video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing, software use, and multi-way audio Live Quran School ensures the Quran learning process as interactive as possible.

Class timings

Our class timings are scheduled to be daily but time is decided by the student to make it feasible and convenient for them.

Female Teachers

Live Quran School arranges professional female teachers for all those students who are females and they or their families want them to be trained by a female teacher.

Multilingual Teachers

The Quran tutors at Live Quran School have a good command over English, Arabic and Urdu thus enabling them to communicate effectively when taking classes.

Device Convenience

At Live Quran School now you can take the Quran learning lessons conveniently on your Personal Computers, tablets or any other mobile device, thus making it easier for you to learn Quran anywhere and anytime.

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